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Black Marble Tray


SKU 85329

The black Marble tray was designed in New Zealand by award winning Interior Designer, Jamie Durrant. With the goal of creating luxury pieces to elevate your home, the real stone trays were created. This real marble shows off a striking white vain which adds a touch of boldness to any room.

Use the black Marble tray to beautifully display your soaps, lotions, candles, jewellery or even your face care regime. 

This tray has been thoughtfully designed and includes anti-slip pads underneath to protect your benchtop or furniture.  

*25cm x 12cm x 2cm

* Special Care Instruction: These trays are made with pure marble and therefore are a porous material. Cleaning with gentle soap on a regular basis will help keep your tray looking great for a long time. Immediately spot clean any spills with gentle soap and warm water in order to prevent staining. The longer a substance is left on top of the marble, the more likely it is to stain.