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Silk & Steel

Riviera Sand Bracelet Stack


SKU 84481

Discover Italian elegance with the new Riviera Sand Bracelet Stack from Silk & Steel. Inspired by Sorrento's beaches and natural hues, they've curated the ideal stone blend for an instant, effortless arm appeal.

Bracelet 1: Woodgrain gemstone with cutout heart – symbolises grounding and vitality. Embrace its earthy energy for stability and growth.

Bracelet 2: Picture jasper gems with ball charm – fosters harmony and creativity. Let its soothing vibes enhance self-awareness and inner strength.

Bracelet 3: Gold hematite gems with spike charm – grounding and protection, amplifying focus, clarity, and emotional equilibrium.

Trio of stacker bracelets in woodgrain, picture jasper and gold hematite with charms. On elastic. Handmade in New Zealand. 18cm.