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Raewyn Pope Illustration

Milestone Cards


SKU 74974

New Zealand artist Raewyn Pope creates beautiful watercolour illustrations for the young and the young at heart.


Capture all the special moments and mark each milestone by photographing your bundle of joy growing bigger and bigger month by month! 

A set of 28 milestones printed double-side (14 cards total) featuring weeks, months and memorable milestones and artwork for the first year of baby's life. All sets are printed on high quality card with rounded corners making them safe for little hands. They are the perfect keepsake to cherish for years to come.


Set includes the following cards:
Hello I’m new here
1 week - 3 weeks
1 month - 11 months
1 year old
Today I smiled for the first time
Today I laughed for the first time
Today I ate solids for the first time
Today I rolled over
Today I sat up for the first time
Today I crawled for the first time
Today I stood up the first time
Today I took my first steps
I slept through the night
Today I said my first word
Today I got my first tooth
My first Christmas