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My Wee Fairy Door

Coloured Daisy Flowers - Pk of 6


SKU 84978

Our fairies have been picking flowers and they are dropping them everywhere, they can be so clumsy - but doesn't it look pretty?! Use PVA or a glue gun to place on your grassy knoll or decorate your fairy door.  Perhaps make a daisy wreath.

  • Made of silk
  • 24mm 
  • 6 Coloured daisies in each pack
  • Stemless


My Wee Fairy Door are a magical way of evoking creativity and wonder by encouraging your child's imagination with hours of fun-filled roleplay.

Use as a parenting tool by leaving affirmation notes in their wee mailboxes or doorsteps from the 'fairies or elves', rewarding positive behaviour such as staying in bed or eliminating persistent thumb sucking.

Also widely used for the tooth fairy, dummy fairy or even for the Easter bunny and Santa's elves.  No need to sneak under the pillow searching for a little tooth, simply place it in the wee mailbox.

Children have very powerful imaginations just waiting to be unleashed. It's what you can't see that's the magic of it all.  


Not recommended for children under 3 years old due to choking hazard.