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Silk & Steel

Riviera Blue Bracelet Stack


SKU 84480

Embrace Italian style with the new Riviera Blue Bracelet Stack from Silk & Steel. Inspired by the Mediterranean and beautiful colours of Sorrento, they have put together the perfect combination of stones to allow you to create an instant, effortless stack.

Bracelet 1: Turquoise gemstones with open heart charm. Turquoise brings protection, calmness, and balance. It boosts creativity, intuition, and self-acceptance.
Bracelet 2: Lapis lazuli gemstones with ball charm. Known for enhancing wisdom, communication, and mental clarity. It fosters inner peace and emotional healing.
Bracelet 3: Gold hematite gemstones with spike charm. Hematite provides grounding and protection. It improves focus, mental clarity, and emotional stability.

Trio of stacker bracelets in turquoise, blue lapis lazuli and gold hematite with charms. On elastic. Handmade in New Zealand. 18cm.